How to Clean a Musty Smelling Sink


Once you’ve done the much-needed deep cleaning of your kitchen, it will be a great feeling, but when noticing that a musty smell is in the air in the sink, it will frustrate you. Because the smell not only regulates the kitchen sink but also appears in other spaces in the home. Don’t panic, the musty sink will occur even in the cleanest kitchens. We provide some of the essential tips to clean your musty kitchen sink. 

Cleaning a Musty Drain

There are a lot of ways to remove foul odors from a sink drain. Most people find that combined processes work well. 

The Hot Water Method 

Just like hot water and dish soap cleanse greasy foods, they can also clean your odor-draining drain. Take a pot of water and boil it. Turn off the heat and stir in a drop of liquid dish soap. Pour the mixture down your drain carefully and wait for five minutes until it dissolves the oil form. Next, pour the cold water and run for a full minute to solidify the remaining grease. Finally, pour the balanced hot water to eliminate the frozen residue. 


Vinegar is one of the best deodorizers. It cuts grease to clean foul-smelling drains by dissolving biofilm or other material. The use of hot vinegar can also get energy through small blockages, which are often caused by the smell of the drain. Take vinegar and bring four cups of it to a boil, then pour it into the drain. Turn on the cold water for a minute and pour the remaining hot vinegar on the drain to rinse. 

Clean the Garbage Disposal 

If the sink drain smells bad, the smell is likely to come from your garbage disposal. Adding 2 to 3 lemons can be easily removed, cleaned, and deodorized. 

This is the highly effective way when you first add ice to the bottle, followed by lemon. After cutting into several pieces you need to add the lemon.

Adding ice helps to grind the lemon longer, removing the acidity of the lemon for a longer time. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a famous method to eliminate the smell from the sink. Its foaming reaction may clean the stinky drain and remove the smell. For this process, you have to pour hot water into the drain and wait for a minute. Next, dump baking soda 1 cup down the drain and pour 2 cups of vinegar. Wait until the fizzing stops, warm the drain first and then rinse for a minute in cold water.

Clean the Drain Vent

In many houses, all drain vents terminate with only one opening on the roof. Remove all leaves or other dirt blocking the drain vent. 

Try out the Plastic Drain Snake 

This process may take some preparation as you presumably don’t have a drain snake around. Just move the drain plug and slowly insert the snake into the drain. Next, hold it by the plastic handle and twist it slowly. As the plastic snake has tough and short bristles, it will gather all hair and other dirt coatings.