Easy Ways to Fix a Smelly Shower Drain


You know when you take a shower, it’s not just to feel clean and fresh, of course we all want our showers to smell nice too. But have you ever thought about why your drain smells so bad sometimes even though nothing was wrong with them before? Here are common reasons for an embarrassing sewer odor in the bathroom that also describes how easy fixing this problem can be.

Shower drain smells can be caused by bacteria that cause the odor of eating garbage in the faucet. Other odors can also be caused by debris such as hair or soap stains. The fungus grows on the soap and blows off the drain odor. Cleaning the drain thoroughly or making sure the P-trap vent is clear will help with that foul rain.

How to Fix Smells in the Shower Drain 

Does your bathroom shower drain smell bad? If so, it’s time to clean out the shower drain. Follow the following tips to get rid of this problem. 

1. Boiling Water

Pouring the boiling water in your shower and sink drain to break the soap and grease that hold the clog together. The clogged shower drain includes numerous blockages with matted hair. This boiling water method does not completely work for this, however, it can help to clear the block partially. 

2. Clean Hair and Scum

Once you remove the strainer, check the layer of hair and scum on the underside. Remove the hair and scum by using warm, soapy water and a sponge. Repeat this process for the drain. To remove the hair from the drain, use the old toothbrush or cleaning tool with zippered teeth. 

3. Clear the Plumbing Vents

If you feel the smell of sewer gas in your bathroom shower, it could be a sign that your plumbing vents might be blocked. If your plumbing pipes are blocked, it will cause suction from the water flowing through the pipe, which can empty the p-trap. By clearing the roof vent’s dirt, you can easily resolve this problem. 

In the winter season, the roof vent may block with ice. To remove the ice, go into your attic and place a hairdryer in the vent that meets the ceiling to melt the ice block.

4. Use Chemicals 

If any homemade solutions are not unclogged in the drain and remove the odor, you have to use the chlorine bleach or commercial drain cleaner. There are different chemical cleaners available in the markets. You can use them to unclog the drain and eliminate the smell of the shower. 

5. Call Professional 

Still, your bathroom shower smells? Then it’s time to call a plumber. They have the necessary tools and check the sewer line. They inspect the p-trap to make sure it works properly. You may feel that this process is expensive, but it will assure you won’t have to feel the shower drain smells again.

These ways can help you to get rid of the smelly shower drain and will make your bathroom re-enjoy. Once the offender is removed, clean your drain frequently and take the essential preventive measures to prevent blockages that may create smells in the future.